A Step-by-Step Guide for Sprinkler Installation

A Step-by-Step Guide for Sprinkler Installation  

Subtitle: Hire a Lawn Sprinkler System Expert

It’s definitely a must to keep your lawn fully nourished with the water it needs. Relying on infrequent rainfall and insufficient watering methods will never be enough to sustain your lawn, however. It’s time to look for more efficient alternatives. Installing a lawn sprinkler system is definitely one way to address that, so it may be high time to invest in one for your lawn. Just make sure to hire a reliable irrigation contractor to help you, and don’t forget to follow these important steps.

Land Type

First, consider the land type you have in your property. Knowing the quality of your soil is important because it will help you determine the needed volume of your water supply. Clay soil takes in water a lot more slowly, so a lower volume is needed. The opposite can be said for sandy soil types as they absorb water faster.


Certain neighborhoods have strict water restrictions enforced. It’s important to be aware of those applicable to your neighborhood as this can affect how much water can be supplied to your lawn. Another restriction to take care of is the acquisition of building permits as it’s needed even for smaller scale digging and excavation projects.

Underground Utilities

You’re legally required to call in your state office before performing any digging or excavation activities so that a representative can arrive at your property. They’ll mark any areas with underground utilities as it’s important you steer clear of these so as not to trigger a neighborhood catastrophe.

Water Pressure and Water Meter Size

Of course, you’d need to consider the water meter size and how much water pressure your system can take. A professional will be able to help you with this, as well as map out and carry out the installation of your lawn sprinkler system.

It’s important to be efficient when having a lawn sprinkler system installed in your property. As such, make sure to hire a reputable company to help you. If you live in Panama City Beach, FL, don’t hesitate to call Affordable Irrigation Repair & Service LLC now through (850) 867-1526.