Think Your Sprinkler System Has Sprung a Leak?

Think Your Sprinkler System Has Sprung a Leak?  

What Is the Right Way to Perform Sprinkler Repair?

Think your irrigation system has sprung a leak? Not sure how to perform sprinkler repair? No problem, read on to learn a few basic tips that will help you to perform basic repairs.

Proper repair is a 3 step process to identify the problem, which will typically fall in one of four areas, which are preparing for the repair, gathering all the essential tools, preparing the work area; and then executing the repair. Repairs should always begin by switching off the sprinkler system, then performing the repair, returning both water and power, and then testing to see if your efforts have been effective.

A sprinkler system that needs repair is often evident by its water flow, which can be either uncontrolled or insufficient, or when you start to notice patches in your lawn where the grass is turning brown. The most common lawn sprinkler repairs range from replacing a broken sprinkler head, repairing a damaged water pipe, evening out water dispersion and restoring the power. Each of these problems is easily diagnosed.

When a sprinkler head is broken, you will often see a small geyser of water at the break. A broken pipe can result in seepage, which will create a pool of water on your lawn and reduced flow to the sprinkler heads. Uneven water dispersion will show in brown patches of grass that are not receiving sufficient water. Power loss can mean the system not turning on or off at the preset intervals.

For repairs involving a broken pipe or sprinkler head, remember to first turn off the water to the system. Tools needed include a shovel, hacksaw and an adjustable wrench, plus any materials which need to be replaced like a pipe or a replacement sprinkler head. Dig carefully around the broken part, and remove the sprinkler head and then screw in the replacement head. Broken pipes can often be sealed with some waterproof adhesive.

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